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Antiquarium Arborense
Piazza Corrias, 09170 Oristano - Tel: 0783 791262 -

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locandina goya Temporary exhibition "Goya. The calligraphic secret"
23/06/2018 - Unexhibited drawings of the great master of Spanish painting Francisco Goya on display at the Antiquarium Arborense. The mystery of truths not yet revealed in the extraordinary exhibition "Goya. The calligraphic secret", by the art ambassador Anna Sanna and the Goya expert Daniel Josè Carrasco De Jaime. Two masterpieces, the "Portrait of Don Miguel Cayetano Soler" and "Iam Tandem Italiae Fugientes Prendimus Oras", will be on display at the Antiquarium Arborense until 30th September 2018... ...

Oristano-Biglietto-Unico Saver ticket for the best attractions of Oristano
22/06/2018 - Visiting Oristano for a day or more? Buy our saver ticket which gives you entry to the most important attractions of the city: Museum Antiquarium Arborense, Pinacoteca Comunale "Carlo Contini", Tower of Portixedda and Museo Diocesano... ...

In Civitate Aristanis - locandina Exhibition of plastic models of "Schirru Collection"
22/06/2018 - The exhibition "In civitate Aristanis" exposes several plastic models of walls, towers and doors of Oristano during the medieval period, when the city was the capital of the Giudicato d'Arborea... ...

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