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The story of Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine

22 gennaio 2021

Today we talk about another martyr represented in the retablo of the Holy Christ, on display at the Antiquarium Arborense: Saint Catherine, who was martyred around 305 A.D. in Alexandria of Egypt.

According to tradition, she was a young woman of noble birth - she was the daughter of the governor of Alexandria- and she went to the emperor Maxentius to pròtest against the persecution of Christians. The emperor, rather than order her execution, summoned fifty òrators and philosophers to oppose her, but they were so amazed by her eloquence that they themselves converted to Christianity.

Maxentius even tried to persuade her to abandon her faith with a marriage proposal, but she refused saying she was married to Jesus Christ and her virginity was dedicated to him.

So the emperor condemned Catherine to death, and she was punished on a torture wheel (you can see a part of it next to her dress) but, since the torture wheel broke when she touched it, she was beheaded.

That’s why the martyr Saint Catherine has two attributes, a torture wheel and a sword; at the same time, she is holding a palm leaf, that is a symbol of victory over sin and death.

Saint Catherine became one of the most popular saints and one of the most important virgin martyrs. Even Saint Joan of Arc said that Catherine’s voice was among the heavenly voices that spoke to her!


Click here to watch the video about Saint Catherine


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